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How to enable 2FA

To protect your PastePixel account with an extra layer of security, you enable two-factor authentication (2FA). When enabled, you'll be required to enter an authentication code each time you sign into your account (in addition to your password). This prevents other from gaining access to your account when your password has been compromised.

Make sure you have an authenticator-app installed, for example: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy. Follow the next steps to setup your authenticator-app with PastePixel.

1. Go to security settings

Sign in to your PastePixel account and go to your "My account" page. Continue to the "Security" tab. There you'll see the button "Turn on 2FA".

Make sure you have verified your account, otherwise you won't be able to setup 2FA.

Turn on 2FA button on My Account page

2. Enable 2FA

If you press the "Turn on 2FA" button, a pop-up with instructions appears. This pop-up shows you a QR-code and secret. Use your authenticator-app to either scan the QR-code or copy-paste the secret. If added correctly, your authenticator-app will continuously generate 6-digit codes. Copy the current code into the text field in the pop-up and press "Verify".

Enable 2FA pop-up

If the code was correct, 2FA will be enabled for your account. The next time to want to sign in to PastePixel, you will be asked to enter a code after entering your password.

Sign in with 2FA

3. Finish setup

After verifying your code, another pop-up will appear. Here you'll see a list of 10 codes. These are your back-up codes in case you lose your authenticator-app. Store your codes in a safe place and keep them secret.

You cannot use your backup codes to directly log in to your account. You will be locked out of your account until PastePixel Support disables your 2FA.

2FA backup codes

If you lose your backup codes, you can always generate new ones. Your old ones will then become obsolete. If you need to entirely turn off 2FA, you can also do that from this settings screen.