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What data can I track using PastePixel?

With PastePixel, your email tracking pixel and tracking links can track the following data:

This data gets tracked whenever your tracking pixel gets trigger, or someone clicks a tracking link in your email. You can disable each of the type of data to track using your privacy settings. For example, if you don't want to track IP-addresses, you can disable it. If you want to only track unique opens or clicks then you can set that too.

Based on each type of data, different charts get rendered on your dashboard. We use the date & time data to visualize the opens in a line chart and heatmap. IP-addresses are used to determine locations. These are shown on the world maps, and the top 5 countries are shown in a bar chart. User-agents are used to visualize the type of devices used by your recipients.

Here you see an example on how it looks like when you view your tracked data of an email that you sent:

Tracked data from email tracking pixel

All data that you track can also be exported to CSV files. By doing so, you can perform your own analysis on your data.

Example CSV export of tracking pixel Example CSV export of tracking URLs

Exporting your data to CSV files, requires you to be on a premium plan.