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Last updated: 15-june-2020 16:55

PastePixel (part of Peggir)
Laurens Jansz. Costerstraat 5 (no visiting address)
6827 AR, The Netherlands
Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 76634566

By accessing and using this service, PastePixel ("us", "we" or "our"), you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using these particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this service. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to send us an email to hello@pastepixel.com.

1. Privacy statement

This section discloses the privacy practices for PastePixel. In this privacy statement we make clear what personal information is collected, how it is used (whether is it shared), what choices you have, how we secure your information and how you can correct any incorrect information.

1.1 Personal information collection and usage

When registering you provide your email address and a password. The email address and password (hashed, NOT plain text) you provided are stored in our database.

When signing in to PastePixel your IP-address, user-agent and a timestamp are stored in the database. We do this for safety purposes, in case of system abuse or hacked accounts (meaning when someone else knows your password). This information can not be accessed by other users.

Created mail tracking are linked to your account, and are by default restricted to your own viewing. We do NOT use this information for any kind of analysis or to sell it.

When filling in a contact form we also collect certain data. We collect the by you provided name, email address and message itself. We also store whether a used is signed in, what user is signed in, the IP-address, user-agent of your browser and submit date. The IP-address and user-agent are used to determine whether our systems are being abused. Alternatively, you can choose to contact us by mail (hello@pastepixel.com).

1.2 Control your information

We collect as little as possible personal information about you. The email address of your account is visible for you only and not to other users on PastePixel.

1.3 Security

All data is kept as secure as possible to prevent any potential abuse. For example we use SSL connections, either encrypt or hash sensitive data (like passwords), protect/secure our servers, monitor it and make sure unauthorized entities can not access data.

PastePixel does place certain cookies. A cookie is a small text file to which we write some data. We can access those data. By using any of the PastePixel services, you automatically agree with our use of cookies. This can also be read in our cookie notification bar.

2.1 Types of cookies

We use two distinct type of cookies: functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary for the website to function correctly. For example, to know when you are signed in.

We use non-functional cookies to gather analytical data, so we can improve our services. The data that we track through non-functional cookies are all anonymous. We use both Hotjar and Google Analytics to gather anonymous analytics.

3. Accuracy warning

All information offered by PastePixel are for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee any accuracy since this is highly dependent on third parties (like external mail clients). We will not we responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information made available by us.

4. Intellectual property

PastePixel, its original content, features and functionality are owned by Peggir and may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws.

5. Advertiser relationship

PastePixel does not contain any advertisements and is not paid by third parties in any way.

6. Termination clause

We may terminate your access to the site, without cause or notice, which may result in the forfeiture and destruction of all information associated with your account. All provisions of this Agreement that, by their nature, should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity, and limitations of liability.

Registered users always have the right to have their account terminated without any reason. In order to do so a user has to contact us to request to have its account removed.

7. Temporary offer conditions

For the temporary promotion "Register now and get free premium!" the following conditions apply:

  • No payment is needed
  • The free premium period is for only one month
  • At the end of the free premium period, you must take out a premium subscription yourself in order to use the premium features again

8. Notification of changes

PastePixel reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. If there are any changes to our privacy policy & terms, we will change the 'Last modified' date on top of this page. You are therefore advised to re-read this statement on a regular basis.