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What is an IP-address?

One type of data your email tracking pixel and tracking links can collect are IP-addresses. An IP-address is "a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication" (from: Wikipedia). So, it is some piece of data that tracking pixels and URLs retrieve that tells us something about the network of the recipient of the pixel.

IP-address tracked by a tracking pixel

Based on IP-addresses, we determine the locations of the recipients. We visualize these locations in the location panel, on a world map and top-5 countries bar chart. From your raw data and CSV-exports you can see the actual tracked IP-addresses.

Tracking pixel tracked locations

Locations tracked by your email tracking pixel or tracking URLs may not always be accurate. Learn more.

In addition, we use the IP address to determine whether you have tracked yourself. That is the case when an IP address is tracked that is the same as the IP address of your own network. In case that happens, you will see a notification (learn more).

Tracked yourself notification