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Why do I have tracked data before I sent my email?

How come your email tracking pixel already shows data, before you even sent your email? In most cases it comes down to one reason: you rendered your tracking pixel causing you to track yourself, without meaning to.

When you manually compose an email and you insert your tracking pixel, your email program or web client triggers your tracking pixel. This is because it renders your pixel, usually it does this multiple times.

How to prevent it

There are two methods in which you can prevent this from happening. If you know for certain that you tracked yourself, you can add your own IP-address to the IP-blacklist. That way you exclude yourself from all data. You can add yourself to the IP-address blacklist from the tab "IP-blacklist" in your My Account page. Your IP-address will already be filled in the field.

Add IP-address to the blacklist

Learn more about the IP-blacklist from our guide on how to prevent tracking yourself.

Alternatively, you can use another method. You can pause the tracking pixel from tracking data until after you have sent out your email. Before you generate your tracking pixel, you can go to "Advanced settings" and pause data collection. Afterwards, you can compose your email, send it out and then resume data collection. That way you don't have to worry about tracking yourself.

Pause tracking pixel data collection Resume data collection to start tracking data