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Why do I have tracked data right after sending my email?

It could happen that your tracking pixel has collected data immediately after sending your mail. The chances are very small that your human recipient opened your email that fast after you sent it. These "opens" are what we consider false opens.

Why does this happen?

This usually has something to do with the email provider of the recipient. Some email providers trigger tracking pixels because they make copies, cache or scan images in their emails. This often happens when sending emails to Gmail accounts, the tracked user-agent usually contains GoogleImageProxy.

Learn more about GoogleImageProxy: What is GoogleImageProxy?

How do I prevent false opens after sending my email?

Since this causes inaccuracies in your tracked data, it is best if you prevent this. With PastePixel you can prevent this by initially pausing data collection before generating your email tracking pixel. You can do this by going to "Advanced settings" from the page where you generate a new tracking pixel. Here you can toggle the setting to pause data collection.

Pause tracking pixel data collection

After you have sent out your email, you can resume data collection. You can do this a minute or so after you sent your email, such that those false opens won't be tracked.

Resume data collection to start tracking data