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What email programs can I use with PastePixel?


To understand what email clients you can use with PastePixel, you must understand a little bit how email tracking works. To track your emails, you put a little image, a tracking pixel, in your outgoing mails. Through PastePixel, you can generate those tracking pixels. Whenever a recipient opens a mail and loads images, the tracking pixel gets triggered and collects data. That data will show up in your dashboard.

The most important thing about inserting the tracking pixel in your emails, is that the source of the tracking pixel image points to the PastePixel server ( The best way to achieve this, is to insert the generated HTML-code in your emails. Here you see that the src (source) property of the image points to

Generated tracking pixel HTML-code

If you use a custom domain, then it must use your domain instead of

Supported email software

Long story short, any email program that allows you to insert remotely hosted images should work. A remotely hosted image is an image where the source is hosted somewhere else, in this case

So, to find out if you can use your email program with PastePixel, check out if it is possible to insert HTML directly or to insert a remotely hosted image.

Example with Thunderbird

An email client that we recommend to use is Thunderbird. This is a free and open-source email application. We like to recommend it because it allows you to simply insert HTML. In the following example, we set-up a Gmail account in Thunderbird, composed a simple mail and inserted a tracking pixel:

Insert tracking pixel in email

We sent this mail to a ProtonMail email address. When we look at the email source at the receiving end, we see the following:

Email source with tracking pixel

You can see that the tracking pixel was successfully inserted, since the HTML img-element uses the remote source that directly points to From our PastePixel dashboard we also verified that the tracking pixel contained data. This was one way to find out if your email program allows you to use PastePixel.