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Setting up a custom domain

By default, your tracking pixels and URLs will use the domain "". With our custom domains feature, you can replace our domain by a domain name that you own (white label). This gives you a couple of main advantages, namely:

  • You won't need to depend on PastePixel's domain reputation because you will use your own.
  • Your recipients won't see that you use PastePixel because they will see your domain. This makes you look more professional and makes your mail less suspicious to spam filters.
Custom domain

Adding your custom domain

Adding a custom domain is done in a few steps. You do need access to the DNS settings of your domain to accomplish it. Adding your custom domain goes as follows:

  1. Go to the DNS settings of your domain name that you like to use.
  2. Add a new CNAME DNS record. The name should be the domain name that you would like to use, including an optional subdomain. For example: The value must be TTL can be the lowest that you can set, so your changes will be picked up as soon as possible.
  3. After you have saved your new CNAME records, you to your My Account page in PastePixel and go to the "Custom domains" tab.
  4. Add your domain name in the field. This must be the same domain name that you added in your CNAME record.
  5. After saving you will see that your domain name will be added to the table below.
  6. Optionally: Select your domain name as the default. By doing so, your domain name will be used in all generated URLs and HTML-codes that you can then copy.