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  • Generate tracking pixels and urls
  • Analyze opens, locations, devices and more
  • We don't share* or sell your data
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Step 1

Generate tracking pixel and urls

Generate tracking pixel and urls
Step 2

Paste tracking in your outgoing mails

Paste tracking in your outgoing mails
Step 3

Analyze tracked data

Analyze tracked data


Start with our free plan or get an affordable premium account for more advanced functions.


We don't use or sell your data*. We respect your privacy and constantly work to protect it.


Easy to use for anyone. Spend less time on mail tracking and more on your business.


We work hard to deliver you the latest data as fast as possible.

All the insights you need

Create a new trackable e-mail in just a few steps

Create a new trackable e-mail in just a few steps

Give it a name and enter some urls you wish to track. PastePixel then generates your email tracking pixel and tracking urls. You do not need a premium plan. We provide this as a free service.

Keep using your own mail client

Keep using your own mail client

Paste the generated tracking pixel (image or html-code) in your email and add the tracking urls. Note that the tracking pixel will be invisible.

Analyze your tracked data

Analyze your tracked data

Get to see if, when and where your mails are opened, and which urls are opened. We provide different types of graphs and you can even track custom data. We also provide the functionality to export your data to csv files.

What you are in for

Respond to trends

Use the graphs and statistics to analyze your emails. See how effective your emails are, whether they are opened, from where and with what kind of device. Respond to trends and increase engagement.

What data can I track using PastePixel?

No more guessing

As soon as your tracking pixel or tracking link is opened, you will immediately see its data. These data can include date / times, IP-addresses, user-agents and any custom data.

How to track your emails with tracking pixels

Attention to privacy

We believe privacy is of great importance. That is why with PastePixel it is possible to set what kind of data your pixels and links can track. You can disable IP-address, user-agent and date / time tracking as you wish, we also don't store it on our servers then!

Controlling what data you track

Integrate with our API

Integrate PastePixel into your own system. Using the API, you can automatically create tracking pixels and tracking links. Visit the API documentation for more details.

API documentation

Learn more from our knowledge center

Get help or read our guides, tutorials and frequently asked questions from our knowledge center. Can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry! Our customer service is available 7 days a week.

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I've been dreaming of finding a simple tool like PastePixel for YEARS. Very nice job guys!
I've been using your service and I love it.
I've been looking for a tracking system to implement for my sales team and this definitely looks like it might take the cake.
It worked perfectly and tracked everything I needed. Very happy I found your product!
I found that you have a great service with a great price.
I am very impressed with this tools simplicity to get up and running.
First of all I wanted to say this is a great tool and great value for money. It's simple and easy to use and yet very powerful!
I would like to compliment the great site and this ingenious tool. I like it very much.
We recently started using the PastePixel API and LOVE IT.
Dear PastePixel team, I like your service!
I was testing PastePixel as an option for our company and I really like how simple and easy it is.
Love this service.
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