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Get to know if, when and where your emails and links are opened.

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Step 1

Create new tracking

Step 2

Paste tracking in your outgoing mails

Step 3

Analyze tracked data

Compatible with a wide variety of email clients

It's as easy as copy-pasting the tracking in your outgoing emails and sending them. No rocket science here.

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We don't use or sell your data. We respect your privacy.


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Easy to use for anyone. Spend less time on mail tracking and more on your business.


We work hard to deliver you the latest data.

Create a new mail tracking in just a few steps

Give it a name and enter some URLs you wish to track. PastePixel then generates a trackable pixel and trackable URLs.

Keep using your own mail client

Paste the generated pixel in your email and add the trackable URLs. Note that the trackable pixel will be invisible!

Analyze your tracked data

Get to see if, when and where your mails are opened, and which URLs are opened.

With PastePixel I learned when, and when not, to follow up on my sent emails.

Johnny Lanto

Online Marketeer

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