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How do I track which email addresses have opened my mail?

Out of the box, there is no way tracking pixels know to which e-mail addresses they have been sent to. Luckily, we do have a solution for this problem. By embedding custom data to your tracking pixels, you can find out which e-mail address has triggered the tracking pixel (Tracking custom data with tracking pixels and links).

Say you have an email that you want to send out to four people, and you want to know which of them has opened your email. What you first do is generate a new tracking pixel as usual, for example: “”. Then, for each of the recipients, you add their email address as custom data, such that you end up with four tracking pixels:


As you see, each of the tracking pixels urls contain the e-mail address of the recipient. So, you can now send four separate e-mails, with the correct tracking pixel url to its matching recipient.

After the recipients have triggered the tracking pixels, they will show up in the “Custom data” panel on your mail tracking page. Depending on you view type, donut or table, it will show up like this:

Tracked email addresses in the custom data donut chart Tracked email addresses in the custom data table

If you integrate PastePixel into your own systems, with the use of our API, you can automate this process.

If you have privacy concerns about embedding the recipients email address in the tracking pixels, you can also replace the email addresses for user ID’s that you personally use (within your business or system). That way, you don’t need to have the actual email addresses embedded, but you’ll still be able to know which email address connects to which ID.