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How to track URL clicks

Using PastePixel it is also possible to track whether people have opened your URLs. To do so, you create a new mail tracking. Go to your dashboard and press the create new mail tracking button. Enter a name for your mail tracking. This name will be used to display on your dashboard. You'll see that a new tracking pixel will be generated. If you only want to track URLs, you can ignore the tracking pixel. Below that you'll see the panel “Urls”.

Creating a mail tracking for tracking URLs

In this panel you can submit URLs that you want to track. When you do so, you will see a new entry in the container below it. There you'll see the trackable URL that you should use (the URL that contains Whenever someone opens that URL, they get redirected to the original URL that you submitted. This way we track URL clicks. You can now add the trackable URL to your email (directly or as a hyperlink).

Adding a trackable url